17 Mar

#020: Top 5 Winter Survival with Netflix

In this special episode, J.B. and Eddie discuss what they watched on Netflix to survive a grueling winter… or at least Eddie did since winter in California for J.B. was a joke.

J.B’s Top 5

  1. LOST
  2. House of Cards
  3. Short Term 12
  4. Rounders
  5. Side Effects

Eddie’s Top 5

  1. Departures
  2. Long Way Round
  3. Jim Gaffigan
  4. White Collar
  5. Blacklist
23 Sep

#001: The Giver / Divergent / LOST

In the inaugural episode of the TRN Podcast, J.B. and Eddie sit down at the Waggoner’s dining room table in Brownsburg, Indiana, to talk about 3 selections they highly enjoyed.
– The Giver (00:29)
– Divergent (10:58)
– LOST (20:34)

You can listen to this episode on iTunes.

Watch the first episode of the TRN Podcast

Since this was our first episode, we wanted it to be special so we also captured this conversation on video. So if you want, you can enjoy episode 1 by watching instead of just listening.