16 Dec

#013: Top 5 Desert Island Movies

J.B. and Eddie cover their top 5 desert island movies. Those movies they’d watch for eternity while stranded with Jack and Sawyer on the island from LOST. Let us know your top 5 desert island movies in the comments below.

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  • Grant English 

    Michael Clayton I guess would be necessary in case we had a hard time falling asleep.

    5. Empire Strikes Back (Star Wars Trilogy)
    4. Casablanca
    3. Interstellar
    2. Bourne Trilogy (Bourne Identity)
    1. Band of Brothers

    I originally had Lord of Rings trilogy but Eddie is taking it so I’ll leave it off my list. The Batman/Dark Knight trilogy was close as was White Christmas.

    • http://www.jbwaggoner.com jbwaggoner

      You have to pick individuals for each of the series.

      • Grant English 

        says who? ha ha ha

        Star Wars would have to be Empire Strikes Back. The best of the three movies.

        Bourne Trilogy is a bit tougher. I think though I’d swap it out for Batman Begins if we have to pick individual movies.

        Or I could just punt the whole trilogy and instead pick one of those guilty pleasurable movies you end up watching every year one way or another. movies like Ocean’s 11 (Pitt, Clooney and gang) or Sandlot.

        Band of Brothers – upon further review – is this a film or a tv series? Or mini-series? It may not even be eligible to be picked.

        Life of Pi is up there and it could make the list as well.

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