• Grant English 

    I don’t even know where to start. JB: Fault In Our Stars???? Summer movie favorite?? Then a “revised” list where you left off Captain America?? You are dead to me.

    Eddie: I get begin again as a very good movie but as a Summer one?? We want explosions, aliens, sarcastic heroes, easy to see plot lines with twists surrounded by cool special effects…right????

    Still waiting on a Godzilla special edition TRN Podcast…

    • Eddie Ferguson

      I know Grant, I broke my own rule. But I simply enjoyed it more than any other. If I would stick to the typical summer rules, then Edge of Tomorrow wins hands down. However, mine isn’t as bad as Jb. As for the Godzilla special edition, I think a cloverfield special edition is more likely.

      • Grant English 

        Edge of Tomorrow was just a big slice of fun for me as well.

        JB has remained quiet on this thread…I suspect for good reason. In related news, my 12 year old daughter thinks he’s awesome. So yeah, there’s that.

        • http://www.jbwaggoner.com jbwaggoner

          I’ll take any wins I can!