23 Sep

#001: The Giver / Divergent / LOST

In the inaugural episode of the TRN Podcast, J.B. and Eddie sit down at the Waggoner’s dining room table in Brownsburg, Indiana, to talk about 3 selections they highly enjoyed.
– The Giver (00:29)
– Divergent (10:58)
– LOST (20:34)

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Watch the first episode of the TRN Podcast

Since this was our first episode, we wanted it to be special so we also captured this conversation on video. So if you want, you can enjoy episode 1 by watching instead of just listening.





  • Grant English 

    JB – you know I love you but I couldn’t get into The Giver. It was a very painful movie to watch. Having said that – the performances from Streep and Bridges were incredible. There were just not enough screen time for those performances. Love the themes and potential value conflicts that the movie creates – I just didn’t think the performances or the pacing of the movie took advantage of the content.

    Having said that – LOST is the most significant TV Series to ever be made. EVER. Yes – how it ended completely and totally SUCKED EGGS but the journey to get has no equal. Watching that first season again just reminds me of how friggin’ awesome that show was. By the end of the 2nd hour, I WANTED to know more of WHO the people were – not so much where they were going in terms of plot. That’s great writing.

    Keep podcasting….

    • http://www.jbwaggoner.com jbwaggoner

      Love the paragraphs of comments. On second thought I may have enjoyed the visuals more than the story they told. And it helped me to try to be more honest in my remarks. I fully expect more feedback from you on future episodes.

      • Grant English 

        Oh I’m looking forward to these. Love talking movies with you!! Wish we lived closer, I’d crash one of your podcasts!!